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February 3, 2016

Emily is a senior concentrating in Public Health. She has been deeply involved in public service in Providence throughout her four years at Brown, and is presently a Campus Coordinator for Health Leads, a program that connects low-income families at Hasbro Hospital with basic resources in the community to improve their health from a structural level. 

Emily Breuer '16
February 1, 2016

Brown Elementary Afterschool Mentoring Program (BEAM) is one of the Swearer Center’s community partnerships. The program aims to help facilitate after-school programming activities and mentorship between students at William D’Abate Elementary School with students at Brown. The school is located in the heart of Olneyville, a neighborhood on the west side of Providence bordering the Woonasquatucket River.

Soyoon Kim ‘18
January 29, 2016

Cameron is a sophomore studying Business, Entrepreneurship, and Organizations. In the future, he hopes to integrate his passions for public speaking, creative content marketing, and planning into mission-driven work.

Cameron Keegan '18
January 27, 2016

Julia and Meredith are a co-­coordinators for Algebra in Motion, a Swearer Center program that provides math and science tutoring at Hope High School. The program is newly renamed Swearer Tutoring and Enrichment in Math and Sciences (STEMS)

Julia Romanski '16 and Meredith Ruskin '16
December 17, 2015
"What I personally find is the most effective and successful way to reach out to communities and to actually speak to those in power is through art because it accesses the heart and the mind."
Swearer Center
December 17, 2015
“There's so much to be done back where you're from."
Swearer Center
December 16, 2015

Ria is a 2015 Social Innovation Fellow and co-founder of No Country for Women (NCFW), an internationally-recognized gender education initiative that aims to combat systemic gender-based discrimination in India. Ria and her co-founder, Shreena Thakore ’16, who grew up in India, were awarded the Projects for Peace fellowship and used this grant to launch the project in May of 2014. NCFW was set up to educate the people in India on gender, rape culture, and misogyny through a series of workshops and initiate informed discussions about social change.

I was inspired by Ria’s story because she was determined to start a conversation about an issue in a country that fights hard to keep such issues silent and hidden. We reflected on Ria’s experiences, her interactions with young people, most of whom had never thought about this obvious form of discrimination before, and her moments of self-doubt and extreme conviction. 

Nitya Amalean '16, Storyteller for Good
December 11, 2015

Ben is a young kid who found himself running a business. He has a history of social activism and entrepreneurship and is currently the Chief Operation Officer at Imperfect Produce.

After graduation Ben received the Embark Post-Graduate Fellowship which has enabled him to work full-time on Imperfect after graduation. Applications are open for the Embark Fellowship until 12/18.

Benjamin Chesler '15
December 8, 2015

Drew first became interested in filmmaking at an end of the year party at his kindergarten graduation, glued to the screen watching Star Wars while his friends ran around the yard screaming. His love of political science was ignited by his high school constitutional law class and exposure to Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, all of which provided average citizens access to a better understanding of the impact of the law.

Now Drew is a junior at Brown, bringing together his interests by double concentrating in Political Science and Modern Culture and Media. He brings his passion for filmmaking and accessibility of policies outside of the classroom by making films with Brown Motion Pictures and working as the head University News editor for The Brown Daily Herald. Next semester, however, Drew is taking the spring off to work at the U.S. Embassy in Dublin, Ireland, where he’ll be working in the consulate, handling public affairs issues, and hopefully creating multimedia projects while being in charge of their website.

Niki Sanders, Storyteller for Good
December 7, 2015

We are the Climate Change and Environmental Justice TRI-Lab: a team of three students who have been working on issues of environmental justice, climate resiliency, and green infrastructure in the West End of Providence.

Grace Molino ‘18, Janice Gan ’17, and Kai Salem ‘18
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