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July 3, 2015

Grace Molino '18 is a TRI-Lab summer intern at Clean Water Action

Grace Molino
July 1, 2015

Deborah Lapidus led her first environmental campaign - against deforestation - as a sophomore at Brown and has been “hooked on grassroots organizing ever since.” Here, she speaks about the power of organizing and activism to combat climate change.

Yelena Bidé '15, Storyteller for Good
June 29, 2015

Shanav is the Founder of the Panika Project and a Social Innovation Fellow. His venture looks to create commercially viable products using hand-woven cloth from rural India, in an effort to lead the people of the Panika tribe to a future of self-sustenance.

Shanav Mehta '18
June 29, 2015

Sujay and Tomoya are Social Innovation Fellows and the co-founders of MetaPlaneta. They believe that everyone, regardless of academic background, should have the opportunity to be involved in space development.

Sujay Natson '16 and Tomoya Mori '16
June 24, 2015
"While food waste is really frustrating, it's also this huge opportunity for change and also a really interesting lens to look at other issues within the food system."
Swearer Center
June 18, 2015
Celebrating Positive Role Models and Diverse Communities

Erin Cohee is the Founder and Executive Director of The Uprising, an organization that designs interactive spaces, including galleries and festivals, which promote artists and businesses committed to social justice. Erin is also a Social Innovation Fellow and B-Lab participant.

Erin Cohee '16
June 17, 2015
"When we're talking about someone's survival - either I'm going hungry or sleeping in snow - I think we can do better than basing these things on plain chance."
Yelena Bidé '15, Storyteller for Good
June 10, 2015
"I never had to totally walk away from being involved in food, and gardening, and farming. It's just now I have to sit down and write about it afterwards."
Swearer Center
May 29, 2015
11 Students Dive into a Summer of Social Innovation

What happens when the story you've been telling yourself about the future is replaced by the story of what actually will be?

Every summer, a group of students experience this shift as they launch ideas into the world with the Social Innovation Fellowship. This year's 11 Fellows from Brown and RISD will work full-time on their social ventures in 6 different countries, deeply immersing themselves in the opportunity to learn, take risks, and make change in the world.

As they set out for the summmer with hopes and plans of what their stories will be, we grabbed a moment with each of them to see where they're starting. Take a look.

Liza Yeager '17, Storyteller for Good
May 28, 2015
"This is me being seen. This is me being heard."
Jamelle Watson-Daniels '16
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