Welcome to Swearer Sparks, an online platform for social change and storytelling where the Brown University community can spark new ideas and connections.

Swearer Sparks was created with the belief that innovative, thoughtful approaches to social change depend on the exchange of people's experiences and ideas. We believe that stories spark inspiration, ideas, and connections.

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Who is Swearer?

The Swearer Center for Public Service at Brown University provides our students with opportunities to explore their passions in the classroom and community, and build the skills, knowledge, and relationships necessary to lead lives of effective action. Through valued partnerships with faculty, community practitioners, and others across the university and beyond, we deepen Brown's mission to serve the community, nation, and world through innovative, thoughtful approaches to social change. Visit us at brown.edu/swearercenter to learn more and get involved.

Who makes our stories?

A program of the Swearer Center for Public Service, Storytellers for Good provides a space for students to learn skills in digital media, explore the craft of storytelling, and produce engaging multimedia stories with social impact. The stories not only provide valuable points of connection among students, alumni, faculty, and community members, but also present media as a powerful tool for social change in the world. Most of the stories produced by S4G are first-person audio or photo projects that center on narratives within the Brown community and explore perspectives and questions about social change work on- and off-campus.

Storytellers workshop and share their projects in weekly editorial meetings, and are connected to an inspiring network of alumni and professionals working in the fields of media, storytelling, and social impact. These professionals lead workshops and serve as mentors for students as they sharpen their narrative voice and technical skills in digital storytelling. Think you’ve got what it takes? Meet our storytellers and learn how to apply.

We also source stories from our community on a regular basis - learn how to nominate or submit your story.