Nominate a Story

Do know someone with world-changing ideas?

We're always on the hunt for great stories to share with Brown University's social change community. Here are a few ways you help:

  • Nominate a story. Anyone can nominate a student, faculty, course, organization/program, or alumn and our student storytellers will work with them to create an amazing digital story. This is your chance to give the people who inspire you most a platform to inspire others. If you're wondering whether your story fits our bill, the answer is probably yes! Nominating only takes a few minutes, and it's fun, we promise! Submit your nomination here.

  • Write a blog post. If you're part of a program, research project, class, or club at Brown University that explores social change, we'd love to hear your perspective (in 500 words or less). Please send us an email to get on our blog schedule.

  • Share media. If there's a great video, audio piece, photo slideshow, or written story about you that's already out there in the world, send us an email with the link and we'll add it to our Stories page!

If you're interested in producing your own great stories, here are a few resources to help you get started.

Happy storytelling!