Imagine Providence

Hear the voices of people boldly and creatively tackling social issues in Providence and explore how you can be part of the story.

  • September 2, 2014

    Students in DownCity Design’s youth programs let their ideas run wild, as they learn to apply the design cycle to building projects all over Providence. In addition to DownCity Design’s youth programs, DownCity Design hosts Community Design Days to include all voices in the process. While the impact of DownCity Design is apparent in the physical improvements made by its students, the collaboration and community engagement emphasized in their design process builds a culture of sharing and collective problem solving in Providence.

    Founder and Executive Director Adrienne Gagnon tells the story of how youth and community members have the power to transform the landscape of their city.

    DownCity Design
  • September 2, 2014

    At Community MusicWorks, musicians of all ages and backgrounds bring classical music to life. While youth receive free instruments, training, and leadership development; skilled and professional adult musicians have the opportunity to be musical mentors or fellows. CMW creates a unique space in Providence for youth to become musicians and for musicians to play together for their community.

    Founder and Executive Director Sebastian Ruth '97 describes how CMW blends classical music and public service to build a community around and through music.

    Community MusicWorks
  • August 18, 2014

    Anyone who passes by New Urban Arts can see that something good is going on inside; but until they walk into NUA's open art studio, they have no idea how spectacular it is. High school students from all over Providence have the power to create whatever they want at NUA, equipped with every creative resource imaginable. In addition to open studio opportunities for independent exploration, students at NUA select artist mentors from the Providence community to facilitate weekly workshops.

    Artist Mentor Sydney Peak '15, NUA Student Joely Barrios, and Executive Director Elia Gurna describe the magic of belonging to NUA’s artist community.

    New Urban Arts