August 21, 2014

The Sun Is A-Rising!

by VyVy Trinh

VyVy Trinh MD'16 is the Co-Director of 2014 BRYTE Summer Camp.

This summer, we welcomed 58 refugee youth into BRYTE Summer Camp and were astounded every day about the amount of hard work, joy, and growth we witnessed. We watched one nine-year-old Congolese boy who arrived here in March go from stone silent to leading silly camp cheers in front of the entire community. We watched another student work incredibly hard to go from being disruptive in class to focusing every day and even helping others on a daily basis. We watched an eleven-year-old girl who uses a walker to move around learn to jump rope for the first time. Campers and returning staff alike agreed that this, the fourth year of BRYTE Summer Camp, was the best camp to date, and we feel so blessed and gratified to have played a part in creating such a peaceful, nurturing, inclusive community for all our students. As we wrap up camp and return to our normal lives, we miss our campers terribly but hope that they are carrying the spirit of BRYTE Summer Camp with them as they transition into the school year and beyond.


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