Social innovators take on countless roles: managers, researchers, fundraisers, businessmen, speakers and above all else, eternal students in the fields to which they've tied their determined passions.

This library is a collection of diverse resources from diverse disciplines that collectively aim to sharpen the Swiss Army Knife of skillsets that a thriving venture requires.

We welcome all active and aspiring changemakers to join us in exploring and improving this collection.

  • Learn about social innovation, social entrepreneurship, and social change.

    1.  Defining Terms
    2.  Understanding Development and Social Change
    3.  Understanding Social Entrepreneurship.

  • Build a venture to address complex global challenges.

    1.  Navigating from Challenge to Opportunity
    2.  The Entrepreneurial Process
    3.  Leading the Charge

  • Sustain your efforts through a strategic stream of revenue.

    1.  Foundations of Sustainability 
    2.  Funding Your Venture

  • Grow your impact and work towards truly lasting change.

    1.  Catching Fire
    2.  Measuring Results
    3.  Magnifying Impact